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What You Need to Know About Fueling Your Dog for the Hunt

For some, hunting is 70% enjoying a day in the great outdoors and about 30% coming home with game. For you it’s a day to get away and commune with nature. But for your dog, it is the best day’s work.

A good hunt is both physical and cognitive exercise for your four-legged companion. And they love it! That’s why it’s important to make sure they are ready. It’s probably second nature to run drills to get them ready for a day in the field, but getting their nutrition in order can easily be forgotten and is just as important.

Hunting and Your Dog’s Body

Hunting puts different demands on your dog’s body, so their formula needs to meet their needs. During a hunt:

  • Their muscles, joints, and ligaments work harder.
  • They need stamina for the endurance of the hunt.
  • They need to be alert and focused.
  • They burn a tremendous amount of calories while out in the field.

Making sure they are maintaining the appropriate nutrients and getting the right amount of food will go a long way toward helping them maintain a healthy weight and be at their peak performance all season long.


Performance formulas are designed to do more than simply feed your dog. They’re made to help maintain your dog’s body condition during a heavier workload. Ingredients to look for include:

  • Protein & Fat

Performance formulas are more calorie-dense, which means they’re better able to meet the higher energy demand of hunting and being in colder temperatures. High quality protein also supports your dog’s stamina and recovery.

  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate

These nutrients support healthy joints, important for any dog, but especially older hunting dogs.

  • Taurine 

This important staple supports their heart health so that they can keep up in the field.


One of the biggest ways you can help fuel your dog is by strategically managing their portions. In the few days leading up to your hunt, you’ll want to give your dog an extra portion of food so that they can put some energy in reserve.

On the day of the hunt, you’ll want to give them a small portion before and minimal if any food on the actual hunt. They will have plenty in reserve. However, do not forget to keep them hydrated.

After the hunt, give them a larger than normal portion to help replenish their system from the day’s adventure. This feeding regimen combined with a performance formula dog food will help them stay full and focused.

The partnership you and your dog have during the season is one of the great joys of life. That’s why we exist. At Black Gold Explorer, we are here to give your dog what they need for the adventures ahead. Our formulas are specifically designed for active dogs just like yours. They are our best companions in the great outdoors and deserve the best from us.

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