Preparing Your Dog For The Hunt

Hunting season is upon us and no one is as excited as your dog. Sure you may be itching to suit up and head to the blind, but your companion can’t wait to be by your side in the great outdoors. 

Even though they are excited for hunting season, they may not be ready. Unfamiliar hunting territory, high activity, and long days, will require discipline and stamina from your faithful companion. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips to get your dog ready for hunting season.


Depending on what you’re hunting and where, you’ll need to prepare for potentially extreme temperatures. As you suit up, don’t forget your pup. Make sure you have plenty of water on hand to help your dog stay cool in extreme heat. It’s also a good idea to do some training ahead of time. Practicing water retrievals will help get your hunting dog back in performance shape and keep them cool in the process. 


Obedience is key to success in hunting with your dog. In addition to their acting or not acting on your command, you want to be sure that they are prepared for the sounds of the outdoors. Whether that’s your weapon, calls, or the sounds of the wild. Your hunting companion shouldn’t be startled by your weapon; it can be extremely dangerous. Exposure to the sound of your weapon and reconditioning to whistle commands should be done before your dog enters the field. 


If this isn’t your dog’s first trek to the field, they’ve been trained for steadiness, marking, lining, and handling. But they may need a little refresher course to get back in hunting shape. Depending on what you’re hunting and the terrain you’ll be covering, you may want to consider drills involving water or forest debris. Running your marking and lining drills in terrain similar to the environment you plan to hunt will prepare them better than simple repetitive bumper drills. 


Hunting is a demanding sport for our dogs. It requires immense focus, awareness, and stamina. They love it. As their owner, we know you want the best for your faithful hunting companion and you want them to have the nutrients they need to enjoy the adventure ahead. That’s why we recommend reviewing your dog’s formula and being sure it has everything they need to support their hunting trip.

Here at Black Gold Explorer, we exist for those on the hunt. Our formulas are not only uniquely designed for your dog’s life stage, but for the adventures that await them. With high protein ingredients for pup’s stamina and no artificial colors or preservatives, you can be confident your dog will have everything they need to enjoy the hunting season.

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