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For the bold, the brave, the ones willing to go where others have not. The ones who rise with the sun, ready to explore, and the ones who wrote the book on unleashing adventure. This is for them.


For over 20 years, Black Gold Explorer dog food has fueled explorations and excursions.

Packed with a powerful set of ingredients designed to optimize health, sustain energy, and increase endurance, you and your best friend can have the confidence to live out all your best adventures together.


Learn more about caring for your dog.

Our blog focuses on topics and advice from experts. Gain key insight into caring for your adventure partner.

A Chance to Unleash Adventure

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Time spent playing in the snow, cuddling by the fire, or taking a walk through the neighborhood to look at lights with your dog are some of the moments that make the holidays extra special. 

How are you and your dog making memories together this holiday season?
When fueled with the proper nutrition, cold temps don't have to stop your dog from having adventures! Bundle up and get outside with your best friend. Play catch with snowballs, go on a hike, or just explore a new area...these winter memories with your dog are made to last!
Are you on the hunt for a premium dog food that will take your best friend to the next level? 

Black Gold offers a wide selection of formulas that support their activity level, life stage, and dietary needs. From adventure dogs to puppies, aging dogs, or those with allergies, click the link in bio to explore Black Gold's products and find the best options for your four-legged friend.
If you're on the hunt for the perfect gift for a dog in your life or a friend who is a dog lover, our latest blog is full of ideas that are sure to hit the target this holiday season. 

Whether you're shopping for an adventure seeker or a pup that likes to be pampered, tap the link in bio to find something for everyone on your list!
Changes in your dog's life stage or health might have you considering a change in food formula for your furry friend. Before you make that jump, be sure to have a plan in place to make the changes in diet easy on your dog's digestive system. 

The most important part of any transition is making sure your dog has the nutritional support they need every step of the way. Click the link in bio to read our blog which has all the tips you need to make this change a success.
Wintertime brings a fresh opportunity to unleash adventure with your dog and take the path less traveled — especially when it's covered in fresh snow. 

Increasing cold and decreasing daylight trigger some biological changes in your dog, such as growing a dense winter coat, maintaining fat levels to endure the chilly temps, and building a strong immune system. 

Head to our blog to learn how to help your dog continue to thrive in these winter months.
From hitting the trails in search of fall colors to snuggles by the fire, we're thankful for all of the joy our dogs bring to our lives. 

Wishing you and your dog a happy Thanksgiving!
When on the hunt for a premium dog food, one size does not fit all. Things like life stage, size, and dietary needs should be factored into what food you ultimately choose. 

Explore our formulas made specifically for puppies, our more mature friends, large breeds, and more. Find the one that best suits your dog's needs at the link in bio.