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Six Tips for Running With Your Dog

Lace up and let’s go! It’s just what nicer weather and sunny skies call for, right?

Whether you’re thinking you want to hit the pavement or take to a new trail, running with your dog revs up the adventure of any day.

But going for a run with your dog is more than just tying up your laces and hitting the road.

There are factors to consider like age, temperature, and readiness of your dog to make running the most enjoyable for you and your pup.

But no sweat, we’ve got your covered with these six tips that will make it a quick sprint to success.

Train up your pup. For their health and safety, it’s best a puppy is done growing before starting a running regimen. And just like humans, your pup needs to build up their stamina. Larger dogs can usually handle longer distances, but don’t worry, every dog will give you clues on their readiness and willingness to go farther. If they are slowing down, stopping during the run, or panting excessively, they may not be ready to add mileage.

Prep for the trek. Every good adventurer knows there’s no substitution for preparation. And part of being prepared is having the right gear and basic supplies on hand. A solid running belt that can hold a few snacks, a waste bag, water, clip on collapsible bowl, and identification can help keep everyone safe and on track from a short jaunt to the long haul.

Direct the focus. Running anywhere outside comes with a whole slew of distractions – other dogs, runners, or moving objects – that can interfere with the flow of your run. Make sure you are in the driver’s seat. And teach your dog commands like “come”, “stay”, and “leave it” that will help them stay focused on the task at hand.

Check the temp. The more comfortable you and your pup are, the more enjoyable the run will be. So checking the weather is in the best interests of both of you. For the summer months, running in the early morning, later evening, or on a shaded route will keep you both cooler. And remember, hot weather usually means hot concrete and that can be really hard on your pup’s paws.

Stay in sync. You know your dog better than anyone. So the best way to find running success with your pup is to monitor them while you’re out. Enjoyment is most commonly signaled by tail wagging and good energy throughout and after the run. And them staying with you is another good sign they dig it. If your dog is having trouble keeping up, ears are flat, or their tail is down, they may not be enjoying it as much as you hoped.

Fuel up. Want to get the most out of your adventure? Then make sure you and your running buddy are well fueled and fully hydrated. Water intake is important before, after, and during – particularly for summer runs. It’s also best for both of you to eat a nutrient dense diet and not eat a big meal within the hour of going for a run. Black Gold Explorer Original Performance has the perfect balance of protein to fuel your pup for all their endurance needs.

On your off running days, you can still take care of you and your pup for all your active adventures with our everyday tips.

Now that you are run adventure ready, we hope success follows you and your pup wherever your runs takes you.