Life Long Friendship | Paul & Nellie Parsons

No matter the circumstances in life, a deep breath of fresh air can always shift
perspective. It can take courage to forge the trail, but with your faithful dog by your side
you can.

They’ve been with you through thick and thin, the highs and the lows. In this too, they’ll
stay by your side.

No one quite knows you like they do. No one can sense the subtle shift of your heart rate,
the droop in shoulders, or even the change in your step like they can. The best dogs
know us, love us, and are devoted to us. They are better to us than we are to ourselves.

That’s how it is for Paul and Nellie. Paul is a life-long minister who inherited a love of dogs
from his father. Every dog of his has been a companion. Nellie is a border collie mix and
was the missing piece of Paul’s family.

The innate love of a dog for his master has set an example for Paul with every dog he’s
owned. These days, he watches the devotion and love of Nellie and learns. Paul and
Nellie walk through life together. Each of them needing each other and somehow always
knowing who needs who.

After years invested in the lives and spiritual strength of others, 71-year old Paul lives at a
much slower pace. He spends his days cocooned in the Rocky Mountains and ready to
embark their trails. Whether for exercise, enjoyment, or solace, a walk with his dog is a
special fulfillment.

No matter what, Nellie is ready. His silent, peaceful, trailblazing companion. She’s sure-
footed and strong as they explore the foothills of the Rockies. Her diet of Black Gold
Explorer is her companion to the adventures they take. If Paul wants to hike, so does she.
Nellie is there for Paul up the steep hills and low valleys of life. He always has her. Her
devotion, listening ear, and silent encouragement.

The bond between a man and his dog is a beautiful thing. It’s one we understand here at
Black Gold Explorer. Our animals are wise, loving, and strong companions. Loving us is
the most natural thing in the world to them. That’s why we do what we do.

We make premium dog food so that we can give back a portion of the love our dogs give
us. Our formula is full of premium ingredients so that they can always be where they want
to be most, right by our side.

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