How to Plan A 2022 Road Trip with Your Dog

Spring is just around the corner, and you can’t help but imagine driving down the vast highway with your canine–windows open, music playing, their ears flapping in the wind.

But where do you start? And what do you pack?

With our guide, you can plan a happy and comfortable road trip both you and your dog will love!

Pet-friendly destination and route. If this is your four-legged friend’s first time on a road trip, a long day trip will suffice, and if your pup has some more traveling experience, you can venture out for a few days (or weeks)!

There are many places to go from National Parks (make sure they’re pet friendly) to endless hiking trails! You can also see if your destination has any dog beaches or dog-friendly restaurants, so while you eat your burger, your pup can enjoy some pot roast!

When you plan the route, make sure to account for bathroom breaks every two to four hours. Plan to walk your dog during these bathroom breaks and see If any gas stations have dog parks to let your dog loose!

Talk to your dog’s vet. If your dog hasn’t been for a routine check-up, this may be a good time to do so!

Make sure your furry friend is up to date on vaccinations and that their microchip has been checked prior to your travel. Consider the destination–are there any specific concerns you should have depending on where you go?

Lastly, it’s worth asking the vet about potential sickness or anxiety during the car ride. Can they give you any tips or medicine in case? We hope nothing health-related happens to your pup, but it’s always better to be prepared!

Pet-friendly accommodations. Are the places you’re staying at pet-friendly?

Check if there are any fees or restrictions on breed or size. You don’t want to enjoy your highway time only to find out the place you picked out doesn’t allow pups!

Dog travel bag. Here are the things you should consider packing for the adventure!

  • Water
  • Dog food: Our recipes have everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy on the road!
  • Water and Food Bowls
  • Medications
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Waste Bags
  • Towel: In case your dog gets dirty on one of your adventures!
  • Medical Records such as proof of vaccination
  • Photo of your dog: If you lose your dog, having a photo ID could help you find them.
  • Blanket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Life Jacket: Swimming in the plans? Pack a life jacket! Or any other extra things you might need for recreation like doggie boots or goggles!

Prep for the drive. Feed your four-legged friend and hydrate them before you settle in for the next few hours!

Go on a long walk to relax a little bit–frequently, the first few hours are the most challenging. They’re just as eager as you are!

Stick their regular routine. Dogs are sensitive to changes in routine. To keep stress away during your vacation time, try to stay the same as you can.

Feed your dog the same food brand and try to stick to your regular walking and sleeping schedule!

Now it’s time to say goodbye to your home, load your furry friend in the car, and get ready for a tail-wagging adventure!

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