How to Keep Your Senior Dog Active

Whether they’re slowing down or struggling with the stairs, you can tell, your dog is getting older.

As they age, your dog may not be able to do the same activities they used to. That doesn’t mean the days of adventure are over. It just means it’s time to get creative and go a little slower. Here are some practical ways to keep your senior dog active.

1 – Mental Enrichment
Introducing your senior dog to new toys and enrichment activities is a great way to keep them engaged and mentally active without too much physical strain. Toys with hidden treats require cognitive effort and offer a special reward. It’s like a rubix cube for your dog. Don’t forget that new sights, sounds, and smells are also good mental exercise.

2 – Exploration
If you haven’t taken your dog somewhere new recently, try taking them on a new walking route or to a new place. It can be an exciting and engaging adventure for them. Be aware of your dog’s physical limitations, consider what they are able to do and if it is safe. Sometimes an easy walk on a new trail can be just what the vet ordered.

3 – Consider Different Forms of Exercise
There are many ways to give your dog proper exercise besides walking. For senior dogs, gentle swimming or performing basic commands at home can be effective ways to help them improve mobility and their overall quality of life. Fetch is always a solid game. They may not be as fast as they were in the early years, but quality time with you never gets old.

4 – Pacing Your Dogs Exercise
While keeping your senior dog active is important, it is equally as important to let them rest. Don’t overwork your dog or put too much physical strain on them. Pay attention to when they need a break. Stop at a bench on the trail or take a seat on the shore. Enjoy a healthy snack and take in the beauty of the outdoors. Who knows, you might just come to crave the slower pace.

5 – The Importance of a Good Diet
One of the most obvious signs your pet is beginning to age is their activity. It is part of why keeping your senior dog active begins with proper nutrition. When they reach their seventh year, it’s important to switch them to a high protein, reduced fat diet that will support their body as they age and give them the energy they need to explore. Your senior dog’s diet is a cornerstone to them being comfortable, active, and healthy. That’s why we created our Black Gold Explorer Mature 7+ formula.

Your dog enjoys being healthy and active no matter how old they are. For them, getting the exercise they need is more about quality time with you than anything else. Here at Black Gold, we’re about helping you unleash adventure at every life stage. Find what your dog needs in their diet at every life stage here.

Now go on, explore!

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