Housebreaking your Puppy

There is something naturally adorable about puppies. From their soft fur to
their rambunctious attitude, they are all things awesome on four legs.

Finding the one for you can be a process, but once you’ve found your puppy
companion, that’s when the fun begins. Their curiosity is on high alert from
the moment they walk through the door. All the smells and textures must be

One of the biggest adventures with a new puppy is housebreaking. Here are
some tips for helping your dog learn to go outside:

Establish a Routine
It’s easy for puppies to get distracted. It’s even easier for them to lose track
of their needs when they’re playing. That’s where a routine comes in. Taking
your puppy outside every couple hours will help minimize accidents and the
repetitive action will help them pick up the habit faster. When it comes to
these little balls of energy and excitement, learning to stop playing to go
outside to go is a large part of housebreaking.

Keep a Watchful Eye
Dogs have certain signals that indicate they need to go. Watch for sniffing,
squatting, circling, or their tail out straight, these are signals they are looking
for a spot to go. When that happens, interrupt their search and take them
outside. Learning what your puppy does to tell you they need a potty break
will help you get them where they need to be when they need to be there.

Clean Up Messes Thoroughly
Keeping a watchful eye on your puppy is also important so that you don’t
miss an accident. Leaving an accident unattended not only makes it worse to
clean, it also creates a distraction and confusion for your puppy. Accidents
that are left uncleaned signal to your puppy that the area is an acceptable
place to go in the future. Be sure to clean all accident sites thoroughly.
Remember you may not see or smell it, but they can. 

Correct Don’t Punish
Accidents can be frustrating. When you see your puppy have an accident, the
first thing to do is interrupt the behavior. Pick them up or make a loud noise
to distract them from what they’re doing. Then, get them outside as quickly
as possible. It’s important to correct instead of punish your puppy because
they are not likely to associate the punishment with their action.

Reward Good Behavior
Just like learning your pup’s signals that they need to go, learn what makes
your puppy happy. Treats, belly rubs, and snuggles are a good start.
Whenever your puppy succeeds at going outside, be sure to reward them. All
they want to do is make you happy. Realizing they’ve done that is one of the
best reinforcements to good behavior.

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