Gifts for the Dog Owner in Your Life

Keep the Adventure Going this Holiday Season

Hunting for the perfect gift for your dog-loving friend and their furry buddy? We’ve rounded up some ideas that will leave them both ready for their next adventure.  

Gifts for the Outdoors

For those who never stop exploring, despite the chilly temps outside, give gear that will be with them on the go all winter long. 

  • A dog backpack will allow a dog to help carry a few items while out on a hike or hunt. 
  • A sleeping bag made specifically for dogs will keep them nice and cozy at night while camping and a dog parka will help keep them warm on the coldest of days. 
  • A collapsible water bottle with a built-in bowl is another great option, as it ensures your dog will have fresh water available when all the water on a winter hike might be frozen. 


Trackers are another great idea for active dogs, and there are many options to choose from. Something as basic as a Locator Bell Set with easily identifiable tones that ensure you can hear your dog from a distance is an economical option. There are also more advanced items like GPS collars or Apple Air Tag collars that allow people to keep close tabs on their dog’s location.

Gifts for Travel


Traveling with a dog can be made easier with a few simple items and they make great gifts!

  • A waterproof seat cover for the car or truck will protect seats and your furry friend while on the road and can easily be removed in between trips. You can even insert their dog bed into it to make sure they’re extra comfy while traveling.  
  • A travel bag for dog food will allow you to bring the perfect amount of food needed for your time away from home. A rip-resistant, waterproof bag keeps your dog’s food fresh and ready for mealtime at a moment’s notice.   
  • A medical kit for dogs is a perfect gift for a dog and their companion. Nobody wants to think about worst case scenario, but we all want to be prepared. A dog-centric first aid kit will make sure you have everything you need in case of emergency while away from home.   


One-of-a-kind gifts are always a hit and will last for years to come. Etsy is a great place to find everything from personalized pet portraits to custom holiday ornaments and jewelry. There are so many great options out there that you won’t have a difficult time finding the perfect gift. 


Of course, delicious food is also a fantastic gift idea for the dogs in your life. While you could order some treats from a local or online dog bakery (or even make them yourself!), you could really go the extra mile by giving your dog-friends the benefit of high-quality nutrition that will keep them healthy, strong, and fueled for the adventures coming their way. Black Gold Explorer® formulas are crafted with high-quality ingredients that support your dog’s specific lifestyle, life stage, or dietary needs. Explore our many varieties here


Wishing you the happiest of holidays as you celebrate with those you love!

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