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Dock Jump into Summer Fun


What’s summer without a good ole cannonball into the pool? It’s the hot weather dive most everyone knows and enjoys.

A growing summer sport you may not have heard of is Dock Dogs. A bit more sophisticated in its dock jumping than the cannonball, Dock Dogs combines a platform, the dock, and a pool of water.

It may just be the best summer sport. Probably because it involves the two things we love the most, dogs and adventure.

Dock Dogs has three entry points for canine competition.

Big Air
This tests a dog’s long jump capabilities. Each dog starts on the dock, takes off running, and then jumps out over the water while trying to catch the toss from their trainer. From the end of the dock to where the tail set of the dog lands in the water is the dog’s distance and thus score.

Extreme Vertical
This takes the challenge to the sky seeing how high a dog can jump. Starting at a designated spot on the dock, the dog jumps up to grab a toy hanging at a certain height over the water.

Speed Retrieve
This times how fast a dog can retrieve a toy from the other end of the pool. The dog starts at a specific spot. When given the green light, the handler releases the dog and time stops when the dog has successfully pulled the toy out of the bracket. Fastest time wins.

Lori Glover, a Black Gold Ambassador, is the Vice-President of MO*KAN Dock Dogs, an affiliate of Dock Dogs World Wide. She also trains our good friends and Dock Dogs competitors, Nikki and Scout.

Lori is very careful what she feeds her dogs. She understands the importance of choosing a dog food that offers optimal nutrition for strength and performance. Feeding her dogs Black Gold gives them a competitive edge and supports their overall health.

It was particularly beneficial for Scout. Lori saw an incredible turnaround in her 8-month old rescue. “When I adopted her, like most rescue dogs, she came from an environment that wasn’t healthy,” Lori shared. Scout was underweight and flat-footed; a condition Lori says came from a poor diet.

Lori started Scout on Black Gold Explorer Puppy Formula and it didn’t take long for change to happen. “Within a month or so,” Lori says, “she put on weight, the flat feet went away, and now she’s an absolutely gorgeous adult dog because of it.”

Scout and Nikki are both rocking the dock. If you’ve got an adventure motivated pup who loves the water check out Dock Dogs. And if you want the right fuel for your dog, consider Black Gold Explorer Dog Food which offers performance recipes for every adventure and stage of their life.

With any water activity or summer in general, keeping your dog safe is always a winning move. You can review some safety tips here.

Like Scout and Nikki, we are all for the wet adventures. Here’s to dock jumping into a summer of fun!