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Break up the Boredom…and Awaken the Summer Fun!

dog mid-air catching a ball

The dog days of summer might be the longest, hottest days of the year but that’s just more reason to get out there and soak up every summer second of adventure unleashed. Dogs, like ourselves, need robust activity to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Besides, dogs are not slackers by nature. They live for fun, the outdoors and exciting adventures. Here are six boredom busters to help you sail through the rest of the summer:

Make it a Game

You are not the only one who wants to win. Dogs are competitive too. And they love to jump higher, tug harder, and race to the finish just like you. Try picking up the pace at the end of a run or tossing the Frisbee a little further to stretch their stamina. Interactive adventures push them (and you) out of boredom-ville.

Re-route the Routine

Whether you are hitting the trail or going for a walk around the neighborhood, boredom can set in with any routine. Going the opposite direction or switching up the route all together can bring excitement in to everyday adventures.

Work Like a Dog

Let’s be honest, a dog’s life is pretty great. And we usually try to make them really comfortable. But work feels good even for our furry friends. Also, giving them a job keeps their mental strength and focus engaged. Teaching your dog nosework, hide and seek, to fetch household items, or how to put their toys away engages their natural instinct to work.

Bring a Buddy

Dogs are social animals and as much as they love their time with us, sometimes switching up an adventure with a dog friend is just the trick to bust the boredom. Next time you are headed to the park or trail, bring a buddy. Socialization is also good for your pup since it helps strengthen skills for appropriate interaction with other dogs and other people.

Fetch with a Twist

Dogs can be easily distracted but also quickly re-entertained. Changing up the game of fetch can keep the energy stirred up while stimulating the brain. Try mixing up the retrieve toy by rotating a ball, ring, or stick dog toy for a few turns or try finishing up your game of fetch using a stuffed animal to mimic a natural chase. With it being summer, your dog might also just enjoy chasing the water out of a hose.

Keep it Cool

Speaking of chasing water… These can be hot days and a little wet adventure can keep everyone energized without the risk of overheating. Besides, many dogs naturally love water and are all for taking a dip in the lake or splashing in the water along the beach. Even jumping in the pool is great exercise, and because it’s low impact, aging dogs can enjoy it too.

The best way to break up the boredom is just having something to do.  Head out and #UnleashAdventure today. Fun and meaningful interaction leads to a healthy and happy dog!