Adventures with Your Dog on a Dime

silhouette of woman and dog running into sunsetYou. Your best friend. And adventure.  It’s what we all dream about, right?  And the good news is taking your dog on an adventure doesn’t have to break your bank. Besides, there are lots of ways to get out and explore on the cheap.

Here are a few under a few bucks adventures to take with your best buddy this fall.

Hit the Open Road. There may be no better co-pilot than your favorite canine. Whether they are sitting shotgun or hanging their head out the back window, dogs help us to enjoy the freedom of the open road and appreciate the wonder of the world. Plus, they tolerate all of your radio choices.

Take to the Trail. Even if you don’t have access to a gorgeous mountain or canyon trail, there are many trails within modern communities that are dog friendly. A quick internet search can point in the direction of nearby trails to discover together. If you are heading to a new trail, make sure you have enough food and water for you both.

Hit the Beach. Although beaches often have restrictions for dogs in the summer, many are lifted after Labor Day. You and your dog can enjoy the long stretches of open space making it a great location for a game of fetch. Hanging out along the water line and running free in the sand can feel like the perfect pet getaway.

Break up the Boredom. Just like you, our dogs can get into the slump of the same routine. Even switching up your normal walking route can stimulate the senses and awaken new ways to see the same path.

Plan time at the Pup Park. Combine social interaction with adventure at a local dog park. Dog parks can be a great place to unleash and let fun take over providing connection with you as well as other dogs at the park. Keep in mind, knowing your dog’s play style is important to the success of this adventure.

Bring it Back to your Backyard. Even if you can’t get away, you can create adventure right in your own backyard. Whether you build your own agility course with things in your garage or discover the thrill of a new toy, you don’t have to go far from home to find fun together.

Your dog doesn’t need extravagance. They just care about being with you and #UnleashingAdventure. Experiencing adventure comes from the thrill of heading out, discovering and making memories together. Happy trails!

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