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Active Tips to Stay Adventure-Ready

Adventure isn’t just about enjoying those long days under the sun.

It’s also about the time between, the day-to-day preparation that helps you and your dog make the most of those days in the first place.

Of course, it can be tough to get motivated for daily preparation during the winter months. No matter where you are, feelings of cabin fever are inevitable — especially for those of us who yearn for outdoor adventure.

But while it might not seem so, the dog days aren’t far off. Even in the depths of winter there are things you can and should do to stay active and healthy.


Because at the end of the day, your body is a machine, and your dog’s is too. So with that, let’s talk about how to stay healthy for you and a few pointers that will also help your dogs along the way.

If either are dormant for long periods, you can’t expect them to perform at their best on a moment’s notice. Then there’s fuel. The right inputs lead to better outputs. If you’re not using the best fuel for you or your dog, then how can you expect top-level performance?

We all want more adventure. To keep you active and ready to take advantage of it, here are some tips you and your dog can incorporate every day, so when adventure calls you can make the most of it.

Eat right

It’s not always easy, but it’s so important. Nothing can reach peak performance without the right type of fuel. Your dog is no different — and neither are you! Strive for a balanced, nutrient rich diet. Eat a variety of different colors and food groups. Even if you’re a picky eater, know that the extra helping of broccoli will help you on the trail.

To achieve balance for your dog, look for dog foods that have high quality protein listed as the first ingredient. For example, our Life Stages Formulas would be a great option. Each of these formulas offer complete and balanced nutrition so your dog can perform at their best.

Stay active

Whether it’s the 5-minute stare until you finally rise from your chair to take him on an adventure, or what seems like an endless game of fetch, we’re all thankful for our dogs and how they keep us active.

A short walk or brief activity each day can be more beneficial than a weekend adventure for you and your dog’s overall health. Exploring a new route through your neighborhood each day can be a new adventure that benefits you and your dog. When we say seize the day, we mean every single one!

Snack less

Snacks have a lot of empty calories for you and your dogs. They can undermine a healthy diet and contribute to weight issues. Oftentimes, dog treats are made of filler, without much nutritional value. To find balance, use the 10% rule: your dog shouldn’t get more than 10% of their daily calories from treats. Another good idea is to use healthier substitutes for regular treats, such as fruits (but not grapes!) or veggies. For example, a 50-pound dog needs around 900 calories per day, depending on activity levels. This means they shouldn’t get more than 90 calories of that total from treats.

Stress less

Have fun! It’s what the doctor ordered.

Increased stress can lead to headaches, insomnia, and a weakened immune system – the opposite of fun. There are many ways to combat stress, but our favorite is typically time outdoors, with our best four-legged friend.

Nutritional supplements

Prebiotics help your dog live a healthy and happy life. They strengthen your dog’s digestive system by providing “food” for healthy bacteria so they can grow and multiply. This makes for a stronger immune system, and a long healthy life.  We know the importance of Prebiotics, which is why all of our formulas contain them.

They are good for owners, too! Good gut health will ensure there are many adventures to come for everyone.

Whether you’re just beginning on your adventure towards a healthier lifestyle or have gotten off the trail just a bit, there’s no better time than now to get back on track. All you have to do is look down at those adorable eyes begging for a walk to get started.

Taking care of you is one of the best things you can do for them.