A Good Diet is the Key to Your Dog’s Skin and Coat Health

Before too long, the leaves will begin to turn, the mornings will become colder, and we’ll all be trying to avoid pumpkin-spiced products and the dry-as-crunchy-leaves jokes about them. 

Whether it’s finally cool enough where you live to bring the dog on longer hikes, or you just got done with your last camping trip of the summer, and you’re looking ahead to hunting season — no matter where you are, autumn is fast approaching. 

Fall is a time of transition and change in the natural world, and your dog is no exception. Even if they aren’t among the long-haired breeds that will shed their summer undercoat soon, the lowering temperatures and humidity levels can be hard on your dog’s skin and coat health. 

In this way, dogs are a lot like us companions; just like how we can get itchy skin in the dry and cold winter months, dogs’ skin can do the same – and their coat can suffer as a result. In addition, certain pollens or allergens that spike throughout the year can lead to excessive itching and bald spots.

Given all the different environmental factors that can impact your dog’s hair, now is the perfect time to make sure you’re giving your dog everything they need to have a happy, healthy coat. 

Dogs Are What They Eat 

Beyond the obvious factors such as bathing and brushing, the most important factor to having a strong coat is a dog’s diet. Like humans, a dog’s hair and skin is made up of mostly protein, so a protein-deficient diet will have a visible impact on their coat. In this sense, dogs quite literally wear what they eat.

Your dog food should have a diet with high-quality proteins and fats, in addition to the necessary levels of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Of particular importance to coat health are omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, which can be found in food that has contains fish oil or flaxseed. 

It’s important to avoid brands that have excessive levels of fillers such as corn or wheat. These fillers, common in bargain brand kibble, can lead to an omega-6 deficit, which will result in dull and rough fur. All of Black Gold’s formulas, especially our Ocean Catch Formula, are made with plenty of the necessary essential oils to prevent this. 

Keep in mind that how you store your dog’s food matters as well. Essential fatty acids included in quality dog food brands might oxidize when exposed to air and lose potency, so make sure your dog food is in an airtight container. In addition, make sure that the treats you’re rewarding your good boy or girl with are as healthy as your dog food. 

Lastly, while a quality diet is essential to skin and coat health, don’t overlook the simple things — do bathe your dog regularly, brush him or her every few days, and keep an eye out for parasites such as fleas. 

A healthy skin and coat will protect your dog from the elements, and make sure that they’re ready for all the adventures that still lie ahead this year: from hiking and jumping in leaf piles, to hunting and crisp nights around the bonfire. 








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