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5 Tips to Train A New Puppy

Spring is almost here and for many it’s the perfect time to bring home a new puppy. The warmer weather is great for training. It’s also good for the many walks your littlest explorer needs to run out all their energy. 

Adding a new pup to the pack means training and we’ve got a few tried and true tips for helping them learn all they need to know. 

  • Set some ground rules. Structure is very important for your new puppy. Setting the expectations of what is and isn’t allowed will need to start immediately. It’s wise to think about things like where they will sleep and whether you will let them on furniture before you bring them home. If there are other humans in the house, make sure everyone knows the rules. Consistency is key to setting the ground rules with your pup. 
  • Make sure they get a lot of exercise. Puppies seem to have bottomless energy. Make time for walks and games. Helping them get some energy out also bonds you and your pup. That trust will improve your training tremendously. Don’t forget exercise can be a useful way to train and teach them how to follow directions. 
  • Be patient and reward good behavior. Your puppy responds well to positive reinforcement. Unfortunately, it can take four or more weeks to see that progress. Remember that the process of training your newest member of the pack isn’t a sprint. You are setting boundaries and behaviors that your pup will carry for the rest of their lives. Don’t be afraid to play the long game. 
  • Consider taking a training class. There are tons of books and apps available to help you train your puppy. But for many, having the advice and attention of a professional trainer is really helpful. Their experience with other dogs and personalities make them a valuable resource when learning how to communicate with and train your dog. Before you hit the point of exasperation, try a training class. Their encouragement may be just what you and your dog need. 
  • Take time to socialize. Dogs need to practice being around other people and other dogs. They have to learn to communicate, share, and problem solve just like we did as kids; they learn proper social behavior the same way we do, with practice. Consider dog parks and walks as time they are learning how to socialize. Dogs are territorial animals so it’s important to have playdates in neutral locations. 

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting. They are full of energy, curiosity, and cuddles. Don’t forget that the rules and habits you instill in the early weeks of their life will help them as they get older. 

The more they learn how to trust you and obey the rules, the more adventures you’ll be able to take. As always, one of the most important things you can do for your dog is give them a healthy diet. Our Black Gold Explorer Puppy Formula has everything your little furball needs to grow strong and healthy. Learn more about how our formula can support your pup here.