For the bold, the brave, the ones willing to go where others have not. The ones who rise with the sun, ready to explore, and the ones who wrote the book on unleashing adventure.

This is for them.

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For over 20 years, Black Gold Explorer dog food has fueled explorations and excursions.
Packed with a powerful set of ingredients designed to optimize health, sustain energy, and increase endurance, you and your best friend can have the confidence to live out all your best adventures together.

Designed for active, high performing dogs. Now with Taurine for heart health.

For puppy to senior and every stage in between. Now with TruMuneĀ® power for mobility and immunity support.

Free of grain, full of fuel for all those big explorations. Made with real protein as the first ingredient.

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4 Ways to Treat Hot Spots on Dogs

What is a hot spot? Hot spots are infectious patches that look like skin rashes. Also referred to as pyotraumatic dermatitis, hot spots often occur in high itch areas like head, neck, hips and limbs which is just how they startā€¦as an itch. As the itching continues, the skin becomes more irritated and at risk…

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