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The Importance of Investing in Your Dog’s Overall Health

Keeping Your Dog Active and Healthy This Fall 

Fall’s picturesque scenes and cooler weather offer a chance to find adventure and enjoy the outdoors with your pup.

But how does the fall season alter your dog’s nutritional needs?

Just like humans, dogs tend to become less active during the colder months, seeking warmth and comfort indoors. Be mindful of these changes in behavior, as they directly impact your furry friend’s dietary needs. 

During this seasonal transition, it’s important to remember that less activity often means fewer food requirements for your canine companion. To ensure your dog remains happy, healthy, and at an optimal weight, it’s crucial to tailor your dog’s diet to match their activity levels.

Here are a few seasonal activities to enjoy this fall while keeping your canine companion on the move. 

Scenic Hikes and Nature Walks: One of the quintessential fall activities is exploring the great outdoors on a scenic hike or nature walk. Enjoy the crisp autumn air while giving your pup ample exercise and mental stimulation. Choose dog-friendly trails, and always ensure your dog is well-prepared for the adventure with food, water, and appropriate gear.

Leaf Pile Playtime: There’s something to watching a dog joyfully frolic through a pile of fallen leaves. Create a leaf pile in your backyard or a safe outdoor area, and encourage your pup to dive in. This simple yet entertaining activity will fill your dog with pure happiness and capture the essence of fall.

Incorporate Indoor Play: As temperatures drop, incorporating indoor games, mental stimulation, and interactive toys can keep your dog engaged and mentally sharp during the fall. These kinds of activities can also help maintain their metabolism and prevent excessive weight gain.

Providing the proper nutrition and offering exciting outdoor activities can create lasting memories, strengthen your bond, and keep your pup finding adventure this season. 

We offer a variety of different formulas to meet your dog’s unique nutritional needs throughout the year. While every blend offers joint, mobility, and immunity support, find the formula that ensures your furry friend has all he needs for his next epic autumn quest.